Dampers for Hot Gases

FCA has a wide range of Damper models, capable to work on many industrial sectors and applications such as thermal power plants, Oil & Gas and cogeneration.

FCA can design and produce special demanded design dampers able to support uni or bidirectional flows, with soft or metal seats and able to withstand temperatures up to 1100ºC. Special refractory concrete may be applied for butterfly dampers to achieve the best performance at high temperatures.

Damper end connections and flange drilling can be done according to customer special request or complying the most demanded international standards such as ASME/ANSI, DIN, BS, SANS, AS, etc…

The DP model FCA multi louver damper is designed for combustion gases and for temperatures ranging up to 900ºC. Mainly used for regulation purposes.Square or rectangular body with a single or multiple interconnected louvers.

The damper is provided with flanges to suit FCA Standards or customer’s requirements.

Design standard

Up to 0,5 bar

Square type: Up to 3500x3500 mm.
Rectangular type: according to customer’s specifications.

Thermal Power Plants

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