Gas Engines

INNIO's J920 FleXtra gas engine is the latest and largest in the Jenbacher range, offering outstanding electrical efficiency and designed for durability, simple installation, and maintainability.


The genset consists of three modules - a generator, engine and turbocharger module - that provides a high-quality, pre-fabricated, standardized module.




Each module is factory-tested, then shipped separately and plugged together on site, offering reduced installation time. In addition, the modules have highly standardized interfaces that work well with the balance of plant (BoP) systems, and ultimately simplify BoP installations and total plant construction time. To increase plant availability, INNIO's J920 FleXtra gas engine is designed for smooth operation and maintainability.


The J920 FleXtra power unit helps to ensure low downtime, as it is easily replaced without major disassemby of the engine.


The J920 FleXtra is equipped with a segmented camshaft, allowing easy exchange through a maintenance window at the top of the crankcase.


With the modular engine design, decoupling the units is a simple process. Major engine parts stay in place and are easily accessible.

Features of J920 FleXtra:

- Excellent electrical efficiency of up to 48.7 % and a total efficiency of up to 94% (CHP version)
- High power density at low investment costs
- Stable power output and reliable efficiency in any ambient conditions
- Quick startup for grid stabilization
- Fast and easy installation
- Simple maintainability
- Combined heat and power solution with more than 90 percent efficiency
- Lower water usage
- Design for high reliability, renewable backup power, extended maintenance intervals


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