BALTEC Inlet and Exhaust Systems has been in operation since 1987 providing a range of services to the gas turbine power industry. With main office in Melbourne, in Australia and manufacturing experience extended into 24 countries throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America

These manufacturers are selected by BALTEC IES for each project according to features of the component to be supplied and where is the End User located. Gas turbine sizes for which BALTEC has supplied diverter, stacks, Bypass systems complete with silencer, diffusers and so on is from 20 MW (e.g. LM 2500) up to 350 MW (like Frame 9 FA).

BALTEC IES complies with internations standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e ISO 18001

The Company is able to provide its customers, typically gas turbine suppliers, EPCs, HRSGs manufacturers and End Users with full service from the bidding phase to design, manufacturing, workshop inspection, supply and erection, and final testing.

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