White Metal Bearings

Founded in 1984, Osborne Engineering Limited (OEL) is part of OEL Group, focused in repair and manufacturing of white metal bearings.

With manufacturing facilities located in the UK, USA, Poland and UAE, OEL successfully operates on a global scale.

Osborne Engineering Ltd offers an expansive range of thrust and journal bearings, designed and manufactured in-house.

It is the policy of OEL Group to manufacture and supply products that are fit for purpose and consistent with customer specified requirements by an active and co-ordinated programme of defect prevention and quality improvement using the relevant quality standards. Procedures and improvements are cascaded throughout the group to ensure the same level of service is available on a global scale.

Quality has always formed the cornerstone of our company policies and procedures. In 1986 OEL Group were one of the very first engineering companies in the UK to achieve ISO 9000 certification. In 2009 OEL Group successfully made the transition to ISO 9001:2008, certified by a reputable UKAS accredited third party. The UK facility hold a multi-site scheme certificate which encapsulates the rest of the OEL Group. All of the satellite sites and facilities work to the same ISO certification and certification body.

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