ORC - Organic Rankine Cycle

Cyplan® ORC-Technology (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a key technology used for generating electricity from decentralized heat sources. The Cyplan® technology approach offers the world’s most flexible ORC platform in a small to medium power range. Emission-free power generation with high interest rates!

Cyplan® ORC-Technology offers solutions for various applications and in various sizes starting from 50 kW electrical output power. Dürr Cyplan® ORC modules comprise all necessary process equipment, including I&C, skid-mounted to be easily transported. The ORC systems are designed, engineered, fabricated and sold by Dürr Cyplan®. Standardized modules are available in various sizes, defined by electrical output: 50 kW, 70, kW, 120 kW, 250 kW, 350 kW, 500 kW and 1000 kW. Individual sizes are available on request. Dürr Cyplan® ORC modules are delivered completely preassembled and pretested to enable easy and quick on site installation and start up. Their robust, industrial design guarantees highest reliability and low maintenance.

Cyplan® ORC benefits:

-CO2 – free electricity generation
-Attractive heat utilization concepts with high interest rates
-Initiator for subsidies and/ or tax reduction
-Reduction of energy costs through self-generation
-Greater efficiency with short payback times
-High electrical efficiency
-Increasing the profitability of power generation processes
-Optional utilization of condensation heat
-Utilization of high and low-temperature heat sources
-Protection of resources

Technical Data

Electrical power output: 50 – 1.000 kW

Heat source temperature level: >90°C

Heat source thermal power: min.200 kWth

Internal consumption: approx. 7% of output

Heat output for CHP-application: up to 95°C

Module dimensions for standard transport:
width < 2.550 mm
height < 3.300 mm
length 5.100 mm up to 12.500 mm

Application areas Cyplan® ORC
The Cyplan® ORC technology is used in the following areas:
Biogas/natural gas - Landfill gas/gas from purification plants -Other fuels

Modular geothermal power stations - Wellhead generators - Thermal exhaust air purification

Biomass -Waste

Industrial production processes - Residual steam - Thermal exhaust air purification

Compressor stations - Decentralized electricity

Modular solar heat power station - Hybrid power station

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