De Jong Group

De Jong Combustion and R&V Engineering represent all the burner activities of the A. de Jong Group. Together they have more than 140 years of burner experience and more than 1000 references worldwide. The two independent burner companies have all the required knowledge in-house and works only with own highly educated people to insure high quality combustion related solutions.

De Jong Combustion/R&V Engineerring offers you a complete range tailor made industrial burners and related combustion equipment, for any industrial combustion application for any type of gaseous or liquid fuel.

The versatility of their burner designs is clearly demonstrated by the wide variety of applications of their references.
Supplementary Firing

Grid type duct burners

Circular type duct burners

Direct Firing

Register burners


CO combustors/Incinerators

Process and air heating

Process and air heating

Special Applications

Special designs

Auxiliary equipment

As part of our burner installations we can offer the following auxiliary equipments:
Fuel skids


Gas pressure reducing stations

Fuel oil booster pumps and heaters

Combustion and cooling air skids

Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Boiler Control Panels (BCP)

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For any information or request for quotation, do not hesitate to contact us:

Ing. Alessandro Silvestri