Power production is essential for the development of society. There are many ways of achieving this: NME has been doing so since its beginning, working with cutting-edge companies in their respective fields, which manufacture the key components used to build up heat plants and cogeneration plants


In thermal cycles based on engines or gas turbines, it is very often necessary to have flexibility, which is required by downstream processes: this is achieved thanks to duct burners, which are able to raise the temperature of the exhaust gases, another essential component in thermal power stations.

Water condensing systems

Condensing systems, tube bundle heat exchangers, degassing systems, pressurized heat accumulators, as well as special tools.

Dampers and Diverters

Hot gases produced by gas turbines and engines, but also present in many other industrial processes, from waste incinerators to paper mills and cement factories, need to be diverted according to the cycles for which they are used: diverter dampers, gas distributors, guillotines, multiloivre, and so on. fulfil this function.

Dampers for Hot Gases

Heat Recovery Units

Exhaust gases from gas turbines can be an important source of energy due to their high enthalpy content.

Heat recovery units make it possible to produce steam or increase the temperature of other process fluids, improving the overall efficiency of the system.

ORC - Organic Rankine Cycle

Cyplan® ORC-Technology (Organic Rankine Cycle) is a key technology used for generating electricity from decentralized heat sources. The Cyplan® technology approach offers the world’s most flexible ORC platform in a small to medium power range. Emission-free power generation with high interest rates!

Steam Turbines

Steam turbines are machines used to produce mechanical power using the thermal energy of steam.

Since its setting up, NME has been marketing this product and is therefore able to advise its customers on how much and how best to apply them in thermal cycles.

Gas Turbines

Gensets (or packages) with gas turbines are now the ideal solution for those who need to produce electrical power with high electrical efficiency but at the same time guaranteeing high enthalpy heat power as a by-product, which can then be used for the downstream process.

Hydraulic Turbines

It is with genset with water turbines that pollution-free power can be generated, using energy contained in the running water of rivers and streams. Another clever way of generating high-level power where it is needed with incomparable running costs.