Water Turbines

Hydrolink s.r.o. is a Czech Company distributing small- and medium-sized water turbines, with powers from a few hundred KWe to some MWe, manufactured by Hydrohrom s.r.o.

HYDROHROM s.r.o., as a main supplier of electro-mechanical equipment was founded in 1989, just after the velvet revolution in former Czechoslovakia. However the Czech tradition in hydro turbine manufacturing and engineering is very old and starts in the 19th century. Even the famous Kaplan turbine was invented at Czech Technical University in Brno.

At present Hydrohrom offers a complete range of turbines : KAPLAN, PELTON, FRANCIS covering all possible sites from low heads starting somewhere around 1,5 – 2 m upto high heads reaching some 500 m. The flow variation is very wide too, 10 l/s up to 100.000 l/s. They are specialist in Small Hydro Power Plants so our maximum output limit is 10MW.

Kaplan turbines HYDROHROM

KAPLAN turbines are designed for heads from 1,5 m up to 20 m and are manufactured for horizontal, vertical, spiral and Z turbine type installations.

Francis Turbines Hydrohrom

They are designed for heads from 20 up to 100 m.
With both horizontal or vertical shaft arrangement and only with direct connection to the generator. Turbine either has its own shaft support, or the runner is directly on the shaft of generator.

Pelton Turbines HYDROHROM

They are designed for heads from 30m up to 500m.
They are offered in horizontal and vertical arrangement and only with the direct connection to the generator. The runner is directly on the generator shaft, or in a horizontal arrangement can have its own shaft support.

Accessory equipment for small hydro power plants

Trash racks, Trash rack cleaning machines
Retention Gates

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