Industrial Fans

TLT-Turbo is founded on a strong tradition of pioneering technology and innovation in industrial ventilation.

Every TLT-Turbo product is designed for a specific application and is tailored to suit specific operating environments and the needs of each client by matching the required performance with maximum efficiency.

TLT-Turbo’s solutions deliver optimum performance for numerous applications including: fire protection, chemical and petrochemical processes, iron and steel industry, mine ventilation, power stations, ventilation systems, mechanical engineering, food processing, pharmaceutical production, tunnel ventilation and wind tunnels.


TLT-TURBO Mine Ventilation

For decades, TLT-Turbo has been supplying advanced ventilation fans and systems to the mining industry. TLT-Turbo’s mine ventilation solutions have become known for innovation and the ability to meet the most complex mine ventilation requirements. This includes TLT-Turbo fan stations with total volume flows of several thousand cubic meters per second at pressure rises of up to 12,000 Pa that are currently in operation.

Fans for Road, Railway & Metro Tunnels

For over fifty years, TLT-Turbo has developed first-of-their-kind, fine-tuned, and advanced ventilation systems for road, railway and metro tunnels. TLT-Turbo focuses on the system as a whole to offer you a safer ventilation system with high availability and lower maintenance costs over the total system life cycle. Experience, engineering and R&D lead to the highest product quality while our field-proven technology results in high end customized solutions designed specifically to the operational requirements of your project. TLT-Turbo’s ventilation system optimization provides high energy savings leading to lower lifetime operational costs and results in lower noise emissions.

The Next Generation of Mechanical Vapor Recompression Fans

Evaporation and distillation processes are used in a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial processes. The most effective means of lowering the energy cost associated with the generation of heating steam is to use mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) fans. TLT-Turbo has developed a range of MVR fans – more innovative and technologically advanced than those currently on the market.

Heavy Duty Fans for Industrial Applications

For decades, even as industrial requirements have become increasingly stringent and demanding, TLT-Turbo has been able to continually supply reliable, high performance fans. TLT-Turbo’s sophisticated range of products, field-proven to perform optimally in international markets and in challenging operating environments, showcases our capability and expertise. The high standard of quality of TLT-Turbo’s products is a result of utilizing the latest technology and offers an optimal solution for every application.

Wind Tunnel Fans

For decades, TLT-Turbo has supplied turnkey wind tunnel solutions to clients worldwide. From 2007, this offering changed to focus solely on the fan itself as the key component of a wind tunnel system. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and expertise in wind tunnel systems. This expertise allows TLT-Turbo to provide a tailored solution because we understand how the separate components interact with each other.

Power Station Fans

TLT-Turbo has become renowned for supplying fans that are highly energy efficient and able to operate within the harshest environments. For this reason, designing fans that are purpose-built for use in thermal power plants is one of TLT-Turbo’s key specialties. Our fans are ideally suited to plants utilizing coal combustion as they are able to deliver volume flows of over 1,000 m³/s and an increase in pressure of 20,000 pa.

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