Blowers and compressors

HOWDEN TURBO GmbH - Frankenthal (formerly KK&K) has an international reputation as a quality manufacturer of turbocompressors. HOWDEN TURBO - Frankenthal has been maufacturing compressors since 1905.

They can offer to customers a wide range of compressors in different applications such as: petrochemical plants and refineries (SRU, evaporation), chemical plants (sulphuric acid, formaldehyde, evaporation and so on), metallurgical plants (sulphuric acid, converter).

Industrial fans

TLT-Turbo GmbH is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fans and ventilation systems. They are able to meet the challenges of technological innovation in every project. First-class engineering, tradition and development make TLT-Turbo the global benchmark for ventilation technology.

Typical applications for TLT fans are: thermal power stations, mining industries, steel production and processing, chemical and petrochemical processes, cement works, incinerators, tunnel ventilation, wind tunnels.

Gas compressors

Process gas compressors cover various applications in the main industrial sectors:

- Chemical and petrochemical plants
- Power plants
- Steel industry
- Refineries
- Air separation units

In particular, centrifugal geared compressors allow medium-high gas flow rates to be processed with high efficiency and low noise levels.