NME's commitment focuses on cooperation, for the Italian market, with North European companies that design and manufacture recycling machines and plants for some industrial wastes.

Tyres, cables and WEEEs Recycling

How can tyres and scrap metals be recovered mechanically and with great efficiency?

With Eldan Recycling, the Danish company that for over 50 years has directly manufactured reliable machines to process scraps such as tyres, electrical cables and WEEEs in order to reuse metals and plastics they contain.

Shaftless Spiral Conveyor

Since 1959, PST's spiral conveyors have proven to be exceptionally efficient when transporting bulk materials. Thanks to the simple construction and long life of its components, the conveyors require minimal maintenance.

PST is well on its way to becoming Europe's leading manufacturer of spiral conveyors; PST has already built and distributed more than 5000 different spiral conveyors worldwide for different applications.